When I was preparing the props for "California Beauty", I rearranged the cheeses, grapes etc. so that I could do a different study later. Well, I am ready to go ahead with the study, which will be an 18" x 22" oil on linen canvas.


To begin the painting, I've designed a special wallpaper, which will be the background and help tell the story of
"The Big Cheese". Here is a close-up of the beginning of the wallpaper.

The cheese motif is finished in this repetitive design wallpaper.

Now on to the cast shadows and then...

...the green color of the table top.

I blocked in some simple passages for the cutting board and the shadows cast by the various objects.

Here's an overall look at the entire canvas.

The painting of the cheese begins.

Here's an overall look at the canvas.

The wine glass with its reflections.

More cheese.

Table grapes are added.

Another overall look at the canvas to this point.

The cheese knife with its grape reflection in the blade.

The other cheeses are finished and here's...

...a close-up of the corkscrew.

The 'Big Cheese', best buddy Todd.

The entire canvas with its first pass of paint.

You can see the thickness of the second and final layer of paint on the wine glass.

The grapes are detailed with their varying hues of warm and cool greens.

The cheddar wedge is complete. Notice the brush strokes in the top of the cheese, not only revealing where the brush touched the canvas, but giving the impression of the subtle value shifts on the surface.

The blue cheese.

The brie is completed.

The cheese knife is the last object to be rendered and...


... "The Big Cheese" is finished!