Here is the pencil drawing that I drew in preparation for the painting "Morning Buzz". After completing the drawing, I laid a sheet of tracing paper (below) over the drawing and traced an outline of the image with a fine marking pen.

I then rubbed a #2 pencil onto the back of the tracing paper under the marking pen lines. Turning the tracing paper right side up, I placed it over the dry watercolor paper and with a 4H pencil retraced the lines, pressing the pencil (like carbon paper) lines onto the watercolor paper. After wiping the paper down with a wet clean kitchen sponge, I let the paper dry and began to paint. 

Each area of the painting has been covered with it's 'highlight wash', which would be what each object's color would look like in direct sunshine. I've also applied a 'shadow wash' on the man, the cup and the street.  I still have to apply this mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna on the saucer.

This is my view of my watercolor painting table. I paint with the watercolor board perfectly flat, giving me the most control over the watercolor washes. I position the drawing on an easel in front of me. My brushes, pigments and palette are to my right.

Notice how I have slanted the overhead lighting so that it aims at the drawing and the watercolor table.  This keeps the glare out of my eyes.

I decided to make the background more interesting by designing a 'coffee cup' motif. I planned it out on tracing paper and drew it with a fine tipped marker.

I then rubbed a #2 pencil on the back of the tracing paper, making it into carbon paper.

After positioning the paper over the watercolor, I traced the wallpaper design onto the blue background, using a 6H pencil.

Here is the watercolor after a couple of washes on the background area.

I have added some color washes to the man and his newspaper, along with some more detail on the cup and saucer.

Another wash was added to the bottom of the background wall to show the reflective light thrown onto it from the street.

The street and the back wall have been given another wash. The wall received a gray wash and the street another wash of it's gray/brown hue. I will finish the detail on the man and the cup and saucer next and then make some final decisions to finish the painting.

Here is the finished painting. Notice how the darkened cast shadow from the cup and the man make the value of the pavement brighten in contrast.